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The Wand Painless
Injection System

At the Banning Dental Group, we have invested in The WandTM – a revolutionary anesthetic delivery system to offer nervous patients a calmer, less traumatic dental experience.

The Wand Painless<br>Injection System<br> 1Patient comfort is at the forefront of this advanced and exciting dental technology – offering nervous patients’ needle-free treatment and those undergoing extensive procedures a less invasive and painless experience.

Developed to replace the traditional dental syringe, The WandTM is a computer-assisted anesthetic delivery system, which allows us to isolate the exact area of treatment rather than causing collateral numbness. It is a revolutionary development in dental science and we are proud to offer patients this advanced technology.

Designed to look and feel just like a pen, this state of the art technology enhances precision and efficiency when performing even the most complex of procedures. It is weightless, pressure sensitive and gives audible and visual feedback. It also offers three speeds for different injection types and automatically adjusts flow depending on the thickness of soft tissue.

Benefits for Patients
  • Enhanced comfort
  • No needles
  • Ideal for phobic or nervous patients
  • No numbness in surrounding areas
  • Offers greater patient satisfaction
For the Referring Dentists
  • Enhanced accuracy of anaesthetic delivery ensures your patient’s comfort
  • Reduces anxiety as well as treatment time so your patient spends less time in the dental chair
  • Ideal for your patients who suffer from dental-related anxiety or phobia
  • Psychologically important first contact to dentistry for underage patients.

At Banning Dental, we offer patients a relaxed, pain free treatment experience with this ground-breaking dental technology.

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