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The Banning Dental Group is proud to offer Piezosurgery; a form of ultrasonic technology which was developed in the 1990s specifically for bone surgery.

This truly ground-breaking system uses tiny vibrations to cut into bone and leaves surrounding soft tissue completely unaffected – enhancing patient comfort during and after a procedure.

Piezosurgery 1

This technology maximises precision and control during oral surgeries such as tooth extraction, periodontal surgery and implant placement as its low frequency setting only cuts mineralised (bony) substances and not soft tissue – a problem that frequently arises with motorized cutting instruments in traditional oral surgery.

We use Piezosurgery as a minimally invasive alternative to traditional drills and bone cutting devices, as the soft tissue merely absorbs the vibrations of the equipment and is left completely intact. Unlike saws or drills, Piezosurgery enables our dentist to work precisely and with less pressure. Progress can be checked at any time during the procedure and irrigation of the area reduces the risk of bleeding and bacteria.

For delicate bone augmentation procedures in sensitive areas, Piezosurgery is invaluable, as the dentist can work safely and accurately and the patient is less likely to experience discomfort during treatment. Post operatively, it has been found that Piezosurgery promotes faster healing and reduced risk of infection.

Benefits for Patients
  • Little to reduced bleeding
  • Ideal for anxious patients as the equipment is less noisy than traditional bone-cutting apparatus
  • Post-operative recovery is quicker
  • Less chance of infection
  • Minimises damage to surrounding soft tissue and teeth
  • Minimally invasive
Benefits for the Referring Dentists
  • Increases accuracy and precision of our treatment for your patient
  • Blood-free surgery which is ideal for your nervous or phobic patients
  • Increased visibility during a procedure ensuring your patient receives premium care
  • Specialist service which greatly enhances your patient’s dental experience

Offer your patients a premium level of care with the Banning Dental Group, contact us now.

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