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Digital Smile Design

The Banning Dental Group is proud to be one of the first Digital Design Smile (DSD) approved practices in London – offering patients state of the art diagnostic, treatment planning, visually advanced cosmetic dentistry services.

DSD helps us to create improved, enhanced and fully restored smiles while keeping the patient’s needs and wishes at the forefront of our practise. Working in partnership with patients helps to build trust and confidence and the beauty of DSD is that we can plan and create a visual depiction of their new smile before they even sit down for treatment.

DSD creates individual smiles that work with a patient’s facial features and nuances making the end result truly natural.

The process begins by taking digital photographs of the patient’s teeth and smile so that they and our DSD-trained practitioners can discuss what they would like to see changed. Video analysis of the patient speaking and interacting is also conducted to get a clear understanding of the changes they want to implement. Using this information, we can digitally design their new smile while they watch – so they can see exactly what we as cosmetic dentists recommend and how this will look. Patients can preview their new smile and can adjust or make alterations as they wish.

Only once a patient is completely satisfied with the look of their new smile will we proceed to treatment.

DSD offers a patient insight and understanding into what is achievable through cosmetic dental procedures. It reduces unrealistic expectations and instead provides a realistic portrayal of their enhanced and restored dental appearance.

Benefits for Patients
  • Communicate openly and honestly with their dentist
  • Review and approve their new smile before proceeding to treatment
  • No obligation to go ahead with any cosmetic dental procedure unless completely happy
  • Completely personalised service
Benefits for the Referring Dentists
  • We work in partnership with you and your patients to enable a multi-specialist approach to achieve the maximum effect of a treatment in the most minimally invasive manner
  • We combine the effects of different dental fields by holistically approaching a smile design case for the very best aesthetic outcome for your patient
  • We offer a realistic depiction of cosmetic dental results so your patients have all the information they need
  • We share detailed treatment planning process with you once their treatment is complete

DSD takes the unpredictability of costly cosmetic dental procedures away and gives a patient true insight into their future dental appearance. To find out more, please click here.

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