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Digital Impression Scanners
and Cerec

At Banning Dental Group, we have taken every step possible to reduce patient discomfort, minimise treatment times and improve the efficiency of dental procedures.

Through our investment and knowledge of cutting edge dental technology, we hope to make patients feel more at ease and less anxious about upcoming procedures.

Our investment into Digital Impression Scanners makes the entire impression-taking process smoother, cleaner and less invasive for the patient. With so many dental procedures requiring impressions or models of the teeth, this technology allows us to work efficiently, reducing time in the chair for both the patient and the treating dentist.

An intraoral scanner takes a computer-generated image of the teeth and soft tissue which is then transferred to the software. The system then builds a three dimensional model of the teeth within minutes.

The Digital Impression Scanner and our investment into CEREC helps us to create bespoke crowns, dental veneers and bridges in far less time than traditional laboratory methods and with far greater accuracy, enhancing shape and fit for the patient.

Digital Impression Scanners are similar to intraoral cameras in shape and size and assist us in a multitude of dental procedures and treatment planning. For more information about this and our CAD/CAM milling machine please click here


Digital Impression Scanners<br>and Cerec<br> 1CEREC or ‘crowns in a day’ gives your patient vital restorative treatment in just one visit. We have invested in this impressive technology which allows us to ‘print’ or build crowns, onlay and inlay fillings and other restorations in minutes – far quicker than traditional techniques.

With this computer-assisted manufacturing technique, we use our digital scanners to take images of the affected tooth and transmit the information directly to the CEREC software. The exact size and shape of the crown or filling is then built in-house from a ceramic block. In less than an hour, the dental restoration is ready to be fitted, providing the exact same benefits as traditional crowns and fillings and without the need for an external laboratory or temporary restoration. CEREC saves patients time and inconvenience.


Benefits for Patients
  • Far more comfortable than taking traditional impressions
  • Restorations are built and fitted occasionally on the same day
  • Reduced time in dental chair
  • Better fit of restorations built from scan information
  • No mess or gagging issues
  • Improved patient experience and satisfaction
Benefits for the Referring Dentists
  • Time saving so your patients can save time and stress of multiple appointments
  • Clear and detailed scan information produce crowns and fillings that fit well and feel comfortable
  • Ease of storing electronic images which we can share with your team
  • Greatly beneficial in both general and cosmetic dentistry so you can refer patients with a variety of dental issues
  • Allowing remake and digital storage of working models and previous prints, which can assist you if any legal issues should arise, or if you are unsure about the final treatment outcome

Improve patients’ experiences and reduce waiting times when you refer them to Banning Dental Group; where digital dentistry is at the forefront of our safe, professional and premium practices. Click here to speak to our team now.

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