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Dental Microscopes for
Endodontic Therapy

At Banning Dental Group we offer patients comfortable and pain free root canal treatment by specialists who are equipped with the most up to date endodontic technology available.

Our endodontists are highly qualified and experienced in providing patients with comfortable and successful root canal therapy, in even the most complex of cases. Our endodontists are aided by clear and detailed visual information through our investment in dental microscopes. So you can rest assured that your patient’s care is carried out by the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals and you can resume their treatment comfortably and confidently.Dental Microscopes for<Br>Endodontic Therapy</br> 1

Microscopic assistance is ideal for root canal procedures as it magnifies and illuminates the delicate and complex internal structures of a tooth’s root. Not only does is help the practitioner see clearly during treatment, it also allows for more accurate diagnosis prior to the patient’s procedure.

While endodontic treatments can be carried out without the use of a dental microscope, our team has found that in some cases, where dental roots are extremely fine or where a tooth has multiple roots and canals, this technology can greatly aid successful treatment.

Extreme magnification and illumination provide a greater depth of vision and precision, allowing us to treat even the most miniscule of structures. Dental microscopes help to make one of dentistry’s most difficult procedures much easier and far more comfortable for patients. Our practitioners are more able to clear away infections that have penetrated deeply into a root and to achieve a higher rate of success, hopefully minimising the need for repeat treatment.

Research has found that the use of operational microscopes greatly improves the success rate of root canal treatment. It also means that any work on a tooth with such root canal can be more longlasting and ensure long term dental and general health.

Benefits for Patients
  • Clear diagnosis
  • Less time in dental chair
  • Higher rate of successful root canal therapy with microscopic intervention
  • Reduced likelihood of repeat root canal treatment
  • Complex cases can be resolved in a shorter timeframe
  • Treatment is more comfortable
Benefits for the Referring Dentists
  • Confidence in our ability to tackle the most complex of root canal treatments which would not be possible with traditional techniques
  • Illumination of procedure site, improving accuracy and resolving your patient’s source of pain and discomfort
  • Ability to treat even the most minute structures within a tooth which would not be possible without such equipment
  • Enhanced ability to manage complex endodontic cases without the need for lengthy hospital waiting times
  • Minimal invasive approach for re-endodontic treatment such as removing fractured files and posts or non obturated filling material in canals.
  • Treatment of a tooth with the best possible rootcanal increased chances of successful long-term restorations by you.

Root canal treatment is often one of the most feared dental procedures, by investing in this advanced technology we can help to reduce anxiety and improve outcomes. Please click here to contact us now.

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