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Dental Implant Surgery and Advance Dental Technology


Banning Dental Group is a leading provider of implant dentistry, and we have invested in the most advanced equipment to ensure patients receive the highest level of care from the beginning to the end of their dental implant journey. We are unique in our provision of such technology and all-encompassing care for your patient.

With our own CT Scan and Navigated Implant Surgery equipment, we offer patients Guided Surgery – allowing for precise treatment planning, reduced chances of an implant or surgery complications and promoting faster healing times for patients.

With dental implants growing in popularity and frequency, we are also trained to provide computer-guided implant surgery using NavidentTM and implant software. In simple terms, such software acts as a navigation system for an implant dentist during the healing process. It reduces unpredictability around implant placement within the jaw bone and helps to create accurate, safe plans before a freehand procedure.

Likened to a GPS for implant placement, this system provides real-time guidance for dentists. Initially, a three-dimensional CBCT image is taken of the jaw bone, and the information is sent to the NavidentTM or SimplantTM software, which then plans the precise implant site and guides our dental surgeon.

During the procedure, the drill bit is imposed onto the CBCT image, so the dentist knows exactly where to go and the next steps to take.

The computerised plan can be optimised to meet the patient’s implant needs best, and our oral surgeon will have a clear and accurate view of the jaw bone and the surrounding soft and hard tissue. This detailed visual gives our implant surgeons a massive advantage in performing successful, uncomplicated procedures, while the patient enjoys a more relaxed and predictable treatment process.

The Banning Dental Group is one of the only providers of Guided Surgery in the UK and London. With our own CT scanning equipment, we reduce waiting times for patients by offering this unique in-house service.

We have achieved a high rate of success with our advanced implant procedures over and above freehand techniques.

Guided surgery is the most advanced form of dental implant provision using three-dimensional scans, biomaterials and allowing the next fixture of beautiful dental crowns onto the implants.

Benefits for Patients
Reduced waiting times
Reduced treatment time and less time in the dental chair
Quicker healing process
Can leave their appointment with a complete set of crowns
Less invasive than traditional implant techniques
Benefits for the Referring Dentists
The enhanced treatment planning process for your patients
Three-dimensional scans for the more transparent, more detailed patient view which can be shared with you as part of the overall treatment planning
Accurate and precise implant placement planning to aid you in the total restoration of a case
3-dimensional re-treatment of failed implants or implants that have caused complications

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